4 most popular ways to prevent sliping bathroom slip

The slippery toilet background is one of the causes of things
Co, unwanted accident in the toilet.The following article of showroom
Hai Linh will provide customers with 4 popular ways to prevent slippery bathroom
Most today.Watch now!

*first.Slippery bathroom floor, unpredictable danger *

The bathroom floor is a regular area of wet, stagnant water, not dry so
Slippery situation will be very likely to occur, causing unpredictable dangers
For your family members.

Besides, if the floor is not cleaned regularly, it will be clung to moss
On the floor surface causes you to slip, fall on the floor.Many cases
Occurs that led to danger and warnings for areas
The toilet floor is wet, easy to slip.

According to statistics in the world, every day hundreds of thousands of accidents take place
In the bathroom, among them is more than ⅔ The accident is caused by slippery bathroom
go out.In Vietnam, due to tropical monsoon weather, in the humid season of the bathroom
It is even harder to dry.Especially with the toilet space is not
Broad air, no windows.

*2.The most popular ways to anti -slip bathroom today *

* 2.1 Use anti -slip mats *

Using anti -slip carpets for the bathroom floor is a fairly common way
The current market to help minimize slippery in the bathroom.With
The outstanding advantages are: high friction, water drainage
Extremely good helps maximize slip for the floor.Anti -slip carpets
Slide for the bathroom on the market today is extremely diverse in size
Set in many different floor areas.In particular, the anti -slip carpet is likely
Very good drainage capacity, no water absorption should be able to avoid maximum love
Wet, causing discomfort for users.

Anti -slip carpets are considered a saving measure to maximize the first cost
private, installed, replaced by very high durability carpets, fast cleaning ability
fast, long -lasting product life. Therefore, homeowners can feel secure when
Use this product to ensure safety for family members.

Not only meet the needs of use, anti -slip carpets on the market
The current school is quite diverse such as mesh, plaid, grafting, … with many colors
Different colors help customers can freely choose the right product
needs as well as interests.

* 2.2 Use a dedicated slippery tape *

With outstanding advantages such as durability (3 to 5 years), water resistance
Good;Can be pasted on many floor surfaces (ceramic tiles, granite tiles, wood, needles
Type, concrete floor), high anti -slip effect, elegant colors increase
Aesthetics for space.Therefore, specialized slippery tape is used
Quite popular on the market today, as an effective measure to fight
Effective slip for all floor surfaces.The use is extremely simple, paste
Directly the product on the floor surface will minimize slippery, risk
Slide in the toilet to ensure safety for family members

* 2.3 Tiles with matte ceramic tiles, rough surfaces to prevent slip *

Today’s matte ceramic tiles do not only help create a luxurious space
important, modern but it is also an effective way to prevent slip for the floor
toilet.Use matte ceramic tiles 30 × 30, 40 × 40 simple motifs to
Bathroom flooring will not cause confusion, creating harmony for the space.

This is also an experience that should pocket for homeowners when choosing
Brick floor for toilets.Please pay attention to choosing high roughness, ghost
Absolute close, … will make the use process more convenient and safer.

* 2.4 Anti -slip solution *

With the ability to make the floor increase friction, easy to use, effective against
High slippery slippery, pleasant aroma and especially does not affect quality
of the floor.Using anti -slip solution will ensure safety eachwhen using
Use toilets of your family members.

The use is extremely simple: clean the bathroom floor, spray the solution directly
Wait for about 15 minutes, use a brush to scrub directly on the floor surface, back
It flushed with water.You will see a clear anti -slip effect.

With the above ways, we hope that you will have more experiences
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